Dragon Ball Legends – All Summon Animations

All Summon Animations of Dragon Ball Legends.

Summon animations have variations that can indicate the card rarity, but IT’S NOT GUARANTEED.
You can still get a bad animation and get a SP character, or a great one and get an EX character.


  • Normal
  • Super Saiyan EX


  • Namek
  • Destroyed Namek EX


  • None
  • 1 Pod
  • 3 Pods EX
  • 5 Pods EX
  • Tao Pai Pai SP
  • Dragon Balls Scattering SP


  • Goku loses
  • Tie
  • Tie by dodging
  • Goku wins EX

Pull Color:

  • Blue
  • Red EX
  • Golden SP


  • Goku loses
  • Beam clash explodes
  • Goku wins SP
  • Exhausted Frieza SP
  • Vegeta takes care of Frieza SP
  • Vegeta helps Goku SP
  • Instant Kamehameha SP
  • Spirit Bomb SP

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