Rogue Hearts – All Bosses

Video Guides to defeat Rogue Hearts Bosses.

Monetia Mine

Devilish Gem – Troll

Abandoned/Lost Mine

The Warmonger – Orc Chieftain

West of Forgotten Ruins

Ruins Entrance – Imperial Guard

The Silent Altar – Imperial Royal Guard Thorkel

The Place of Lies – Tolharra Soldier

The Blooming Whisper – Talharra Paladin Khoshe

The Arriving Destiny – Elvira

East of Forgotten Ruins

The Hideout – Imperial Archer

Red Trap – Tolharra High Priest Bayaga

A Crack in the Line of Sight – Tolharra Priest

Windy Passage – Imperial Archer Leader Martan

Land of the Oath

Cold Space – Wraith Knight Hermod

Burial Place – Wraith Knight Ulrh

The Oathkeeper – Wraith Knight Delingh

Gaia’s Garden

Ancient Garden – Kobold Chieftain & Slime Knight

Whispers of the Past – Red Jewel Golem

Earthly Root – Blue Jewel Golem

The First Garden – Ancient Keeper Khanhel

Witherless Forest

Witherless Forest Entrance – Wolf Leader

The Place Where the Full Moon Stays – Werewolf Nezhar

Corrupted Source – Elder Ent Weyot

The Grand Wall

The Silent Ridge – Selphi & Selma

Grand Wall – Boomer Rhonba

Blade Summit – Kanso

Shield of the God – Life Eater Bhalror

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