Stranger Things: 1984 – All 8 VHS Tapes

A Guide to obtain all 8 VHS Tapes. You can check your VHS tapes in the collections tab.

Video Guide

VHS Tape 1

Found inside Hawkins Lab (Chapter 1).

VHS Tape 2

Found deep in the Forest Maze (Chapter 2).

VHS Tape 3

Found in Hawkins Middle School (Chapter 3).
You’ll need Will to squeeze through pipes.

VHS Tape 4

Found in the Sewers below Hawkins (Chapter 4).

VHS Tape 5

Found in Hawkins Public Library after escaping the Elite Guards (Chapter 5).
It’ll only appear after defeating the elite guards.

VHS Tape 6

Found in the entrance of the Hawkins Lab Bunker (Chapter 6).

VHS Tape 7

Found set aside in Hopper’s House.

VHS Tape 8

Found inside the Arcade.

Extended Trailer

Go to the room 1 to watch the trailer.

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