Stranger Things: 1984 – All 12 Gnomes

A Guide to obtain all 12 Gnomes. You can check your progress in the gnomes tab.

Video Guide

Gnome 1 – David

Found behind Hopper’s House.

Gnome 2 – Bumble

Found in the Forest Maze (Chapter 2).

Gnome 3 – Grumble

Found in the Jungle between Hawkins Laboratory and Quarry.

Gnome 4 – Tumble

Found in the Jungle South of the Middle School.

Gnome 5 – Sam

Found in the Middle School (Chapter 3).

Gnome 6 – Pipsy

Found in the Corn Field.

Gnome 7 – Tipsy

Found in the Jungle West of Sewers.

Gnome 8 – Robil

Found in the Hawkins Laboratory (Chapter 1).

Gnome 9 – Bobil

Found in the Sewers (Chapter 4).

Gnome 10 – Wigglebum

Found in the Public Library (Chapter 5).

Gnome 11 – Lord Twinklenose

Found in the House south of Graveyard.

Gnome 12 – Pop

Found in Quarry.

Gnome Chests

Return them to Phil Larson’s garage to receive 4 character upgrades. See guide here

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